“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” -Plato



You deserve to be congratulated for finding your way here. Most likely, you are here because you are looking for new ways to be your best.  You want to feel more, relate better, and get more goodness out of life. Good for you!  This is a worthy quest, and one I am very pleased to say is my life’s passion.

Achieve connection and ignition through coaching, consulting, and Orgasmic Meditation.

offerings_banner2Do you have an aching feeling that there is more to life than what you are experiencing?

Do you feel hungry or dissatisfied?

Are you looking for change but don’t know the first step?


muse_bannerWhat turns me on?

I dream of a world filled with more intimacy & personal connection. A time where everyone is comfortable living from a place of desire…


whisper_bannerLook who’s talking

Pssst… want to hear some praise?


community_bannerAre you looking for a community of like minded people, your tribe perhaps?

Longing for a face to face encounter that allows you to practice asking for what you want and creating clear communication. An opportunity to have sex positive conversations, to  turn up the heat by being authentic and vulnerable. A time dedicated to connection and intimacy, sensation and orgasm….?


packages_bannerHow do you learn and advance your play in life?

Do you move fast and independently or do you need more one on one assistance?
Do you want a desire coach or do want to learn to OM… maybe both?


blog_bannerI’ll give it to you in small doses… it’s easy to take and it goes down smooth!

Sometimes I write, but often it’s a video. Either way it’s sure to entertain, create action, and pique your interest & curiosity; so be sure to play along in the comments below!




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